Welcome to Whitemud Hills

In addition to the City’s efforts, the Whitemud Hills Homeowners’ Association provides services and support to keep our community a safe and comfortable place.



Over the last year, we have replaced many lights with more energy efficient LED lights. We have also installed automatic timers to better control the periods of operation. Hope that you are enjoying a new crisp look to our entrances. 


However, some of you may have noticed that our centre boulevard lights are no longer in operation. When the Homeowners' Association planned the upgrade to the lights on the neighbourhood entrances we had hoped to replace the lights on the centre boulevards as well.  Unfortunately, the caragana trees cannot presently sustain the weight of the light strings. The Homeowners' Association contacted the City requesting that the trees be trimmed back/pruned.  The City has not yet been able to complete this work.  Once completed, the health and stability of the trees will be reassessed with hopes of relighting these.


The towering aspens on the side boulevards no longer have lights as the trees have succumbed to burrowing beetles and most are slated to be removed.  We are seeking an alternative solution by lighting the trees from the ground with flood lights as a potential option, if string lights are not viable.


Homeowners Association Membership


With Condominium Corporations, Community Leagues, The City of Edmonton and Home Owner Associations (HOA), it is easy to get confused about who takes care of what in your neighbourhood.  This article is meant to offer some awareness about Home Owner Associations as they are a growing trend in Edmonton.


Keep our Community Safe

Please assist us in maintaining a high quality of life and keeping our community safe. Get to know your neighbour. Be alert when walking or driving through our community. If you notice anything unusual, call the Police immediately and report the incident. The number for emergency calls is 911 and for non-emergency calls it is 780 423 4567. Thank you for your efforts in keeping our community one of the safest and most pristine in Edmonton.

Whitemud Hills HOA

2019 Fees are now overdue and subject to late fees.  Please pay as soon as possible!

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