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New Project in Whitemud Hills This Spring

To the Members of the Whitemud Hills Homeowners Association (WHHA)

WHHA Fence and Logo Colour Change

Your Board is considering various projects that would enhance and upgrade the appearance of the WHHA community.  One of the projects the board has approved is the upgrade to the colour of the external concrete fence cap and logos around the community.  The portion of the fence below the cap will be left as is.

The purpose of this letter is to notify the members of the project and in particular the residents whose property abuts the external concrete fence.  The concrete fence parallels Rabbit Hill Road and Terwillegar Drive.

In order to complete the project (power washing and coating) the contractor will need access to the residents’ property that abuts the external fence, all other residents’ properties will not be affected by the project.  We anticipate that there will be minimal disruption by the contractor to the residents’ property.  Should you have any concerns about granting access, please let us know as soon as possible as time is of the essence.  The board requests that any questions or concerns are brought to our attention prior to April 15, 2018 (email to

This project is planned to take place in the spring of 2018 once the weather allows for the proper temperatures for the coating, likely May/June. 

Attached you will find a picture of the proposed fence cap and logos. This picture of the completed fence will also be posted on the WHHA website which will be in colour.  (Website:

This notice will be distributed all members. It will also be sent by email to those that we have the email addresses for. If you have not provided an email address to the Board yet, you are encouraged to do so as it is a more efficient and cost-effective way to communicate to the membership. (Send to with house address)


WHHA Board                                                                                           March 27, 2018

Current Colours

Proposed Colours

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